Welcome to Brightside Ink

Welcome to Brightside Ink, the expansion pack of Brightside Hockey. This is a site that will talk about everything – television, music, movies, politics, sports (excluding hockey, then what would Brightside Hockey do, man) from the perspective of one writer. So I’m gonna cover a lot. And I’m gonna use “we” alot. It’s just how I write in blogs.

The whole point of Brightside is to look on the Brightside, so we take optimistic to realistic looks at everything.

And I realize I’m a biased narrator, so when my instances of bias come up (college educated liberal, Oklahoma City Thunder fan, Queen, The Beatles and Galantis are my favorite bands, etc.) I will address them first so you know what you’re in for, and I will try to write in as unbiased a stance as I can possibly take.

And sometimes this is more possible than other times – I can be entirely unbiased in Baseball but I cannot understand the Republican viewpoint, it’s not how I was raised – so that will come out.

Thanks, and stay tuned.


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