Where I Stand On This Election

If you’re informed, educated, rational, if you have a modicum of common sense, you’re a Democrat. That’s my stance on politics, and I’ve stood by it, especially through this election cycle.

This is an optimistic website. I say what I mean and I mean what I say, and I mean to be positive. So here’s why Donald Trump won’t win the election – the 60% of the country that loathes him. If that portion votes, Hillary Clinton will win the election. That portion includes the vast majority of young people, the educated, the elderly who still remember to love other people and haven’t forgotten the lessons of the 60’s, the middle aged who have risen children who have had different experiences than Trump – in other words, parents who have risen kids who aren’t white, well-off straight cis-men. And even then, some of those white boys are perfectly fine too. I’m speaking as one with a group of friends who all feel the same way, because we’ve experienced what life outside the bubble is like.

I don’t like stereotyping, having a prejudice against a group of people, no matter how proven horrible, no matter how much sense it makes to hate them. Racism, Xenophobia, Homophobia – that kind of fear doesn’t make sense, it’s not a real fear to have. You’re fearing people, who want the same thing out of life that you do. It’s the American Dream, not the white straight person dream. Republicans main demographic is now people with those fears, and that’s why I have an issue with them. They’ve done nothing to fight that demographic off into the deep dark recesses of the third parties.

I feel like there are some Republicans out there who may take offense to this, and I mean not to offend them. If you categorize yourself as a Republican but support Hillary, thank you, but there’s not enough of you. If there were, Jeb Bush or John Kasich would be your nominee. And while Kasich is bad on women’s issues and Jeb is a Bush – the worst dynasty of presidents – they aren’t overall horrible like Trump or Cruz or Carson or Pence or now Christie. There was a time I used to like you Chris Christie. What happened to us? Oh right, you knowingly shut down traffic on a bridge.

Hillary Clinton until the month of September ran a great campaign. She was lively, she was liberal-ish, she was appealing, Hillary was proven to have done no wrong in all of that email trouble. And to all of you accusing the IT guy of going on Reddit and asking for advice – you really think that after a full year investigation, neither the FBI nor Republicans, who were entirely out to get Hillary, found anything of that importance? If it were actually that important it would have been revealed much sooner.

But then Hillary got pneumonia. She started to falter, to look more and more ill, and all those insane conspiracy theories came out. But maybe that’s good – Trump, during the worst month of her campaign, never fully caught up. If he was going to, this was the month to do it. She still leads the electoral college predictions, she still leads the popular vote, and the debates, where she will shine the most and Trump will lose, haven’t even happened. She’s going to crush him at those debates. When Roger Ailes, a person who does not understand the liberal side, who doesn’t get Democrats, is your debate coach, you’re going to lose.

The one good thing about Kaine is that he gets the Republican viewpoint because he is one. He’s the real life Arnie Vinnick (Alan Alda, West Wing), the one politician from that show I wish were real because he’s a Republican that’s socially liberal and caring and intelligent. There’s plenty of Bartletts, there’s not enough Vinnicks, and the ones we have – Jeb Bush – couldn’t win. (I’m gonna be real here, if Jeb won and revealed himself to be somewhat socially liberal – if he said he was going to leave gay marriage and Obamacare alone – I would be having an internal conflict up until the election, just because you have to reward that kind of Republican so that more reveal themselves.)

When Ted Cruz gave Trump his endorsement, if feels to me that Trump lost voters. I like that. What I also like is that Hillary’s always had the support of Obama and Booker and Biden and Warren, and that she’s now adding prominent Republicans. Hell, Reagan’s VP, the guy Republicans should hold up in high esteem like no other alive person, came out in her favor, and so did the only other alive Republican president. When even the Bushes – all of them – are with her, it’s time to reconsider your position as a Trump supporter.

Here’s the thing – I don’t love Hillary Clinton. Not the same way I love Barack Obama. I love that man more than 99% of the men in the world. Here’s the list of people ahead of him – my father, my best friend, my brother, Jon Stewart, Rocky Wirtz, and Justin Trudeau. That’s it. That’s the list. Even Trudeau is debatable. But I understand that Hillary Clinton must win this election. She won the Democratic nominee, she earned it, and she has it because it was understood she stood the best chance of beating Donald Trump. And it’s true, because she does. Hillary must win or we’re doomed, and she’s going to win, because that’s the commonly held belief of 60% of the country. And, as I’ve said earlier, if we, the 60% of our country who is rational enough to fear a Trump presidency, go vote, Hillary Clinton will win.

So, please, go vote. And go vote for Clinton. The country needs a good leader, and someone with experience.

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