America Needs Gun Control


Yes, this is an extremely political post. If you’ve read my other political works on this website and felt offended, feel free to skip this post. There’ll be more sports stuff, tv stuff, and movie stuff later. But I’m feeling political this week, and here’s why.

There was another elementary school shooting. I’ll let that sink in. Another one. One is bad enough, but the fact that this shooting can be categorized as “another” means that this is a thing that has happened before and because of the inaction of Congress and of the under-informed, under-educated, and just the fucking worst people in the world (I call this group conservatives) it will likely happen again. Luckily no one died in that elementary school. For what seems like the first time.

And that’s the fucking problem. Because of the 40% of the country that will be voting for Donald Trump, we can’t stop the people who are shooting our children, our families, our people. We can’t stop them because of the “second Amendment”. Get ready for a rant.

Gun control is a necessary thing. Every better country in the world, again, repeating myself, there are many better countries than ours, has a form of at least common sense regulations. Regulations to stop people on the no fly list or with mental disabilities that could make them violent from getting guns. Regulations where the worst thing that could possibly happen to those guns you love so much, and if you’re stubbornly holding onto, likely having sex with, is that you have to go to a class for a few hours one day to make sure you’re using them responsibly. You can still keep one or two guns, but nobody needs an arsenal. Nobody needs assault rifles. Not even the police. Especially not today’s police.

You know the statistics, you know how much gun control can help a country. We’re safe from the bad guys. There has not been a foreign-born terrorist actually capable of anything on American soil since 9/11. It’s all domestic, and we need to control guns for that very reason. Nothing bad has happened in Australia since they took away guns. Nothing bad has happened in Canada, Sweden, Japan. And yet we can’t get over ourselves.

Yes, whats happening in France is scary, but they’re as bad as we are in terms of domestic born terrorists, and in terms of treatment of those with mental needs. This isn’t an either or thing. We need to treat our citizens with mental disabilities better, and we need to control our guns.

Sorry. I feel very strongly about the need for, if not a complete ban on guns except for those especially trained, but just common sense regulations. Please, just common sense regulations.

Can we please just pass common sense regulations? There’s no need to be stupid. There’s a definite need for this country to be safer. Especially from itself.

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