NFL Week 3 Recap

I meant to do one for Week 2, but before I knew it it was Thursday and I’ve got a deadline, and it’s before the first game of the next week. So…

New England vs. Houston

This game was way more embarrassing on one side than anyone thought it would be coming in. The Patriots are a great team, and Bill Belichick proved himself once more to be the greatest coach perhaps in the history of the NFL by beating a team they likely should have lost to with their third QB. Honestly, the only way I could be more impressed with the Patriots is if they start Edelman this week and still win.

The Texans on the other hand learned the importance of special teams, as they coughed the ball up far too much. The defense was unable to stop Brissett for long, as they did render him touchdownless on a few drives, making the Patriots settle for field goals on some of those drives. They also lost JJ Watt, and while they have Whitney Merciless and Jadaveon Clowney, it’s still a monumental loss for a defense built around Watt.

Baltimore vs. Jacksonville

Neither team had any business winning the game. Let’s start with that. The second half of the game was an interception battle, and that’s what ultimately won Baltimore the game – their defense was the better one.  Their offense was able to find ways to score, but the defense kept them in it and won the game.

Jacksonville’s offense was through one player – Allen Robinson. The rest of the offense was sputtering, and if it weren’t for a good defense finally showing up, the team would have been out a whole lot sooner. It’s necessary that the Jaguars consider their situation, because they’ve started 0-3 and a good owner like Khan can only stay patient so long.

New York (Giants) vs. Washington

Washington won because of the excellent play of one guy – #80 Crowder. He was insane, breaking tackles left and right, breaking off a great return and a great touchdown. They need to find ways to get that guy more involved with the offense, cause he just looked great. Kirk Cousins coming up finally didn’t hurt, and neither did the defense taking what was given to them.

Eli Manning threw that game away, and he had, what 4 picks? It was not a good week to be a New York QB, and the last Manning alive just sucked in the second half. He got the ball moving but then he gave it up too easily and too often. The defense being weakened and unable to stop Washington in the second half didn’t help either.

Detroit vs. Green Bay

I’m gonna be honest, as a Detroit fan I turned the game off. I couldn’t bear to watch it when it was 28-3, and I’m told we had a comeback but it clearly wasn’t good enough. I’ve ranted other places about what I believe is wrong with this team, but I’ll do it here as well: we need to fire Teryl Austin. He sucks. It was the player personnel that made our defense elite two years ago, and that fact has been made clear now. Austin sucks as a DC, and our defense keeps racking up penalties (but so does our offense). This can be blamed on Jim Caldwell as well, as our team is not nearly disciplined enough. The guy I would like to see coach this team is in the state though. Just gotta look at the University of Michigan.

Green Bay isn’t that great of a team, and it will be proven this year. They’re not going to get anywhere close to winning this division, and in my mind they’re not even a playoff team. Their defense is nowhere good enough – they stepped off the throats of the Lions and that’s something you simply can’t do – and Rodgers is the only elite player left on their offense with Nelson aging and Randall Cobb not doing the same level work.

Cleveland vs. Miami 

Cleveland’s best asset in the game was the defense, but it wasn’t able to hold back the tide that are the Dolphins capable skill positions, as they got to Tannehill but not to Parker, not to Landry, and certainly not to Ayaji, as he scampered into the endzone. The defense was also able to hold back Cleveland’s offense just enough to escape with an overtime win.

Cleveland should look more at Terrelle Pryor, because it seems like he became something great as a wide receiver. He was long, lanky, and he was able to find the endzone. That’s more than can be said for a few of the Browns’ players. Their defense also looked a whole ton of a lot better than their offense, and that should be a bright spot too.

Minnesota vs. Carolina

The Panthers just looked sloppy and Minnesota was able to capitalize on it. It doesn’t seem that Cam Newton has been the same quarterback this year, despite being surrounded by a more talented roster. If I’m Ron Rivera, I’m looking long and hard at this team because there are a lot more weak spots this year than the last and there should not be.  Their defense was more able than their offense, but it was still not enough for a win.

Sam Bradford still looks good, but I would hesitate to say great, for the Vikings. He still looks like a capable (I use that word a lot) quarterback – he’ll do the job, but the running backs will have a heavy loud and the sooner Adrian Peterson is healthy the better, but do not rush him. The Vikings defense again did the heavy lifting, stopping the Panthers offense and limiting them to only a touchdown and a field goal.

Denver vs. Cincinnati 

The Broncos were shown to be the more capable team, as they move on to be one of the few left standing at 3-0. The offense, with Siemian now firmly at the helm, was able to be more potent than I’ve seen them be, and Siemian is handling the deep throws very well, hitting both Sanders and Thomas from a distance. The team’s defense also came up big in the second half, ending the back and forth between the two teams.

Cincinnati was able to get something going early against the prominent Broncos defense, but they were unable to keep it going, as they ended their scoring pretty early into the game. This is not the same Dalton we saw last year, and whether that’s because of the new absence of time throwing the ball or the relative depletion of the Bengals’ receiver core, but he just doesn’t look as good, and neither does the Bengals defense, as they were unable to stop a newer Denver offense.

Buffalo vs. Arizona

I simply don’t think Arizona was ready for the Bills to be as good as they were Sunday, and I think Rex came out and coached for his career, and I think he succeeded in saving it for at least a couple weeks. All three units for the Bills were excellent, and it just overwhelmed an Arizona team that has, at times, looked good, but at times looked bad. The team simply has to find footing it has not found yet.

I think Rex saved his job, and it looked like for once his brother Rob was the right hire. It’s also weird to see the Bills offense being so dominant, when it seemed like Roman was the good coach on staff. I think this was a game where Rex came out and coached very well like he has the ability to and it overwhelmed an underwhelming Arizona team.

Oakland vs. Tennessee

Oakland just came out and looked great in that game, and the offense, the defense were rolling. It looks like a new team from last year, and it really seems like they will be competitive in what is shaping up to be the best division in football. Carr looked good, Cooper looked good, the only element missing from Oakland in the game was Kalil Mack who hasn’t played well all season.

Tennessee was able to get more points in garbage time than they did when it mattered, and that’s all you have to say about this team. The only win for the team came against a bad Lions team that was also banged up and, if they had stayed healthy, would have rather easily won the game. The team just continues to not look good, and while their main receiver – TE Delanie Walker – was injured, its no excuse for the defense or for the rest of the offense besides maybe Mariota, who gave up a fumble early.

Los Angeles vs. Tampa Bay

Roberto Aguayo, although a rookie, might be the worst kicker in the NFL. I’m gonna lead with that. He may have cost the Buccaneers the win. The team was able to get some garbage points, and they looked better early than they did in the middle, but that team was nowhere close to good for a long stretch.

LA’s defense is really something special after losing 28-0 to a bad San Fran team. They were able to step up against a Tampa Bay offense, and were able to control the game in the middle. Keenum was able to get a touchdown, more than I thought he could, and Gurley was able to find the endzone multiple times, but Zuerlein being that much better than Aguayo was the difference maker.

Seattle vs. San Francisco

It’s getting late, so I’m gonna hurry this up.

A bad San Fran team proved themselves bad and lost to a good (not great) Seattle team looking to avenge their awful loss to the Rams.

Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a whole lot better than we thought they were, shutting down a great Pittsburgh team, but it just looked like Philadelphia was far more prepared for the game and Pittsburgh didn’t come in with the will to win over their Pennsylvania brethren.

Kansas City vs. New York (Jets)

Ryan Fitzpatrick didn’t earn any money as he threw 6 picks, and the Chiefs surged with the advantage, able to capitalize off those chances enough times and able to halt the Jets offense completely.

Indianapolis vs. San Diego

San Diego proved themselves once more to be in decline, losing to a bad Colts team who should be really beating nobody but for Andrew Luck.

Cowboys vs. Bears

Dallas was able to come out and run the game against a team who’s best player is their head coach.

Atlanta vs. New Orleans

In the highest scoring game of the week, Atlanta’s offense was just that much better than New Orleans’s, and their defense was able to come up with enough stops for Atlanta to get a win.

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