A Moderate News Organization Could Save Republicans


As a liberal, after this article, I’m going to ask for the reins of the Republican party. I can make this party thrive, make it the grand ol’ party, and make it competitive in elections again. You’ll also figure out how the Rock figures into this. Here’s how.

So, you know how the Republicans are in the spot they’re in because they’ve been headed here for decades? They had this destination coming, they just never looked up. When Reagan sided with the conservative Christian movement, he signed the Republican Party’s death warrant.

The following twenty plus years, the Republicans bred nothing but hatred. After Romney lost to Obama, they released a memo throughout the party that this is not what they wanted. They didn’t hate minorities, and they wanted to be more relatable. They can be. It’s there in the party.

But by breeding this hatred throughout the 80’s (ignoring the AIDS crisis), the 90’s (hatred of blacks, continuation of hatred of gays) the 00’s (Muslims) and the 10’s (blacks, women, gays, Muslims, Hispanics, the young), they set themselves up for a Trump type person. It’s why the two finalists for the Republican nomination were Trump and Trump Lite.

The moderates of the party were done nearly immediately. It’s Jeb, Paul Ryan, and John Kasich. That’s the core the Republicans must build around. Re-embrace this core, and the party will be better.

Those are the three that listened to the memo. Them, Romney, and McCain, they were/would have been competitive. The more socially liberal, economically conservative, that kind of thing works. Especially moving forward, when we lose the older generation that firmly votes Republican for people like Trump.

That’s a solid core. That’s a good group. It seems the only two living Republican presidents are of this group, and have shown it through endorsing Hillary Clinton. George W. Bush is on his (attempted) redemption tour.

Here’s how Fox News factors in. They’ve always been a Republican establishment, the only ones in mass media, and that’s why they’re so popular. But they’ve found themselves following the direction of the (dying) Republican party – getting more and more conservative in an era where the world is going less and less that direction. And there’s no saving them, not with people like Murdoch and Ailes hanging around, and though Ailes is out, he’s been replaced by the same boys club.

They’ve been a part of the problem. By keeping their bias and actually moving further right, they’ve dragged their audience with them. By giving Trump numerous platforms, they’ve made it seem like his opinion matters in the slightest. Like he was experienced, and like he knew what he was talking about, when being an outsider is not a good thing.

So here’s what I’m thinking – start a new Republican network. Make a competitor, the conservatives are all about capitalism. But here’s the thing – make it more appealing to the young, to the people who will be around longer. Make it a more socially liberal, fiscally conservative network. Talk well with the moderate Republicans, make them feel at home, and push their narratives. Make people realize “oh, the Republican party isn’t just the insane bits”.

You have moderate Republicans like Tom Selleck, Gary Sinese, and Kelsey Grammar in this world. They could be excellent personalities for a more moderate Republican network – and all of them have distanced themselves from Trump. There’s more women in the moderate side as well. Hell, Glenn Beck has distanced himself from Trump. He could be another core member, and he’s a proven personality.

These people have good politics, their smart, and they could be more relatable to a younger generation. We know these faces – Kelsey Grammar is beloved from the Simpsons and X-Men. Selleck we know from Friends and that great mustache. Our generation has heard of Glenn Beck, but he’d be able to have a fresh start in a media world without Jon Stewart. Hell, if he’s calmed down enough, he and Stewart having conversations would make great television.

This New Republican Network could work. It would be much more appealing to advertisers like Disney who have distanced themselves from the harsher conservatives. The NRN itself works as a network call signal, and isn’t associated with anything negative (or really anything) yet. After a few years, enough young people may be recruited to the new right to make even better shows, with even better personalities.

This would include comedy shows, making fun of not only their own side in Fox News, but of the liberal extremes as well. As long as it stays somewhat moderate, the comedy could work, and it’s what my generation is attracted to.

Just like Stewart gave rise to the rebirth of the liberal party with Barack Obama, the NRN could give rise to the rebirth of the Republicans, with Paul Ryan. Especially with head personalities Peyton Manning and The Rock. Yep, both are registered Republicans, neither supports Trump. Do you really think you couldn’t attract young voters when you have those two at the wheel for moderates?

Once you have those younger viewers, my generation who are available to a socially liberal/fiscally conservative party, you can find the comedy once again. And from then on, you would have an audience with bigger stars than Fox News can attract. The Basket of Inexcusables/Deplorables would be tampered down, better informed, and would over time become more moderate as this moderate Republican network replaces Fox News/the soon to exist Trump Network after their long, viewer losing fight.

So give me the reigns. Let’s make the NRN a real network. And the Republican Party will be all the better, and the more competitive, for it. Hell, if they’re smart, charismatic, and informed enough, even I could fall for a socially liberal Republican party. I actually really liked Jeb.

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