NFL Week 4 Recap

I enjoyed the one sentence recaps more than the longer paragraphs, plus it’s a quicker read. So I’m gonna do short recaps of every game, and it’ll be hopefully less than 1000 words. Let’s get right on into it.

Miami vs. Cincinnati 

In a battle of color splashes (every away jersey has been gorgeous, every home jersey has been awful) the Bengals were able to kick their way past the Dolphins with a solid effort from AJ Green and the defense as well.

Indianapolis vs. Jacksonville

Out in London, the Colts proved their the kings of garbage time as Andrew Luck nearly led a comeback against the Jaguars. That’s happening a lot, the Colts nearly winning.

Buffalo vs. New England

The Patriots were blanked at home, as Rex Ryan saved his job for probably the season. The Patriots don’t have a QB question next week, and the Browns are shit out of luck. They gon’ die.

Tennessee vs. Houston

Will Fuller V proved himself to be not only capable as a receiver but as a return man, and he’s just really fast. Plus, the Houston D wasn’t as bad as Tennessee would have liked, and DeMarco Murray was the most effective option.

Detroit vs. Chicago

It should not be this painful for me to watch Lions highlights, and the Bears eked out one of their three victories for the season. When are we firing Caldwell/Austin?

Atlanta vs. Carolina

The Falcons might be better than we thought they would be, especially given Julio Jones’s historic day, but the Panthers also are worse than we expected them to be. Cam Newton’s injury is concerning.

Seattle vs. New York (Jets)

Fitzpatrick becomes Ryan NinePackTrick as he throws three more interceptions, and Jimmy Graham gains his old form, looking like the second best TE again after Gronk.

Baltimore vs. Oakland

In an extremely tight game, it came down to the second chance wide receivers – Steve Smith Sr. vs Michael Crabtree, and Crabtree won with three touchdowns.

Washington vs. Cleveland

Washington put up 14 unanswered points and still had to make a comeback, but it ultimately came down to Jordan Reed, as it was a good week for TEs. Terrelle Pryor on the Browns looks like the only exciting thing about the Browns besides their high draft pick.

Denver vs. Tampa Bay

Denver’s defense keeps them perfect, as Tampa’s only touchdown comes in the first quarter. Siemian still looks like a good QB, utilizing all his receivers.

Los Angeles vs. Arizona

Case Keenum (really) found holes in the Cardinals defense, throwing two touchdowns to Brian Quick (really), which proved more than enough as the Rams defense shut down the Cardinals offense, and Carson Palmer is hurt again.

Dallas vs. San Fran

Ezekial Elliott and Dak Prescott continue to give Dallas a bright future, overcoming a 14 point initial deficit. The 49ers need to learn to play with a lead.

San Diego vs. New Orleans

Melvin Gordon fumbled this game away for San Diego. The Chargers had it locked up before he fumbled twice, and New Orleans was able to drag away a one point win because of those mistakes.

Pittsburgh vs. Kansas City

Pittsburgh had scored 36 points before Kansas City put up a single point. Talk about garbage time. LeVeon Bell was the missing piece of the Steelers offense.

New York (Giants) vs. Minnesota 

Sam Bradford (really) continues to prove himself worthy of that trade, and Jerrick McKinnon and Kyle Rudolph look like legitimate weapons for the Vikings. But that defense is winning them games, and they stopped Eli Manning and angered OBJ.

I did it. Under 1000 words. Have a good week, and see you next one.

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