Debates Part III: The Mess

Clinton goes in for the kill in the third debate

Can I just say, to start, what a mess this debate was? I hardly remember anything either of them said, but here’s what stuck in my mind.:

  1. Trump reverted to awful debate form. Interrupting with “wrong” once again, especially when that thing could be proven. The sniffing continued. The water, the fixing of the mic stand, it was horrendous. And we want to put this guy, who can’t face up against Hillary Clinton, up against Putin. On the other side, Clinton was hardly flustered. Her most embarrassing moment was her fixing her makeup.
  2. Clinton came out strong, batted over 800, and got the best of the debate yet again. She avoided slips like “Trumped Up Trickle Down” in favor of much more accurate descriptions. She wasn’t catchphrase-y, and for the most part answered the questions. Trump, on the other hand… well.
  3. He continues to talk about emails. Why? Dude, Let. It. Go. You’re down double digits in the polls, maybe you should actually be laying down a plan. But nope, just continually targeting Hillary Clinton.
  4. The last question was the biggest of the night in my opinion. It summarized what was a mess and broke it down in 2 minutes. Trump didn’t give a single reason to vote for him, rather attacking Hillary. Hillary laid forward in clear, concise words why to vote for her. And that’s exactly what the debate was.
  5. Donald Trump refused to say whether he would accept Hillary Clinton winning the presidency. That’s unheard of. What’s also unheard of – two of the categories tonight were the Clinton Foundation and Fitness to be President. Neither of those had come up in a single presidential race before. And it ignored other pressing matters like gay rights, and race, and other foreign relations besides the middle east. Come on people. Remember when this was the battle of the two “lesser evils”:

Can’t wait ’til this election is over. I would like to do actual political thought pieces, but Trump just makes it so damn hard. On November 9th or 10th, expect a goodbye piece to Obama though. It’ll be great. It’ll be huuuggge (that’s a Bernie impression, not a Trump impression).

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