NFL Week 7: AKA the Week We Discovered the Lions Are a Playoff Team

I say that first statement looking at their schedule. Their two hardest games are Dallas and in Minnesota. Well, Minnesota just got their asses handed to them. We’re a good run stopping team. Guess who’s going 11-5? Anyways…

Chicago 10 vs. Green Bay 26

There’s one play that truly encapsulates this game: when Aaron Rodgers escaped pressure after the two Bears pass rushers collided and picked up a first down. Frickin’ Rodgers could maybe might be back. Also, Hoyer’s hurt.

New York (Giants) 17 vs. LA 10

Frickin’ Landon Collins won that game for the Giants. Frickin’ Case Keenum lost that game for the Rams. Quick q, how bad is Jared Goff?

Kansas City 27 vs. New Orleans 21

There were so many long runs to the endzone. Whether it was Spencer Ware or Daniel Sorenson (on the INT), the Chiefs took advantage of weak New Orleans tackling.

Philadelphia 21 vs. Minnesota 10

When Wentz was intercepted by Sendejo in his own red zone, it looked like this was going to be Minnesota’s game. Nope. So many turnovers.

Tennessee 26 vs. Indianapolis 34 

When Tennessee has to attempt two trick plays on the same touchdown/2 point conversion… they’re in trouble.

Buffalo 25 vs. Miami 28

Jay Ayaji might be the real deal. The same might be true of LeSean McCoy but he was out.

Washington 17 vs. Detroit 20

This may have been the best game of the week. Though I might be biased. Stafford on that last minute drive? Perfect.

Cleveland 17 vs. Cincinnati 31

AJ Green had the catch of a not so young NFL season. Cincinnati easily beat their Ohio neighbors, as Cleveland remains winless.

Oakland 33 vs. Jacksonville 16

The Raiders passed all over the Jacksonville defense. This was the week of missed field goals wasn’t it.

Baltimore 16 vs. New York (Jets) 24

Getting benched was exactly the spark Ryan Fitzgerald needed, as the Baltimore Ravens out Jets-d the Jets.

San Diego 33 vs. Atlanta 30

Joey Bosa is one of the best pass rushers in the league right now. A San Diego defense was able to hold the Falcons offense just enough for Phil Rivers to beat a bad Falcons defense.

Tampa Bay 34 vs. San Fran 17

The San Francisco defense is horrid, and Kaepernick isn’t much better than Gabbert.

New England 27 vs. Pittsburgh 16

LeVeon Bell is the reason the Patriots acquired a new line backer. Landry Jones is the reason the Steelers couldn’t beat the Patriots.

Seattle 6 vs. Arizona 6

This had to be one of the worst NFL games of all time. There were so many missed kicks. I like a good defense, but we need more offense than 6-6.

Houston 9 vs. Denver 27

The Osweiler memes were the best thing about the last week of football. Denver thudded their former QB.

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