This Day In Sports 10/30/16

Periodically from now on, I will be writing daily logs as I watch multiple sports games. Today is one of those days. I watched four games today and tracked two more, so let’s get into it.

10:00 AM

Started the day off with some excruciating Lions football. The Lions looked particularly bad on this day because we could not stop Brock Osweiler, perhaps the worst starting quarterback in the National Football League. Our passing defense is that bad. And it’s starting to affect our run defense. If DeAndre Levy ever comes back healthy (I am beginning to fully doubt it) it will be a miracle. He’s the only hope the Lions have of defending tight ends and now run stopping.

If the Lions had made one stop, just one stop, this is a different game. Unfortunately, they didn’t look good defensively until the second half. Our offense was horrid all first half, so they do not escape blame here. But that last lack of run stoppage was awful.


Denver versus San Diego begins. I need fantasy points from Emmanuel Sanders. Therefore, I have some interest in Denver vs. San Diego. But not enough interest, as I quickly lose interest in the game.

When I did tune in, Denver looked good. That defense is still something special, especially in a league without many great defenses. I think Denver would have to do a lot to not be the greatest defense in the league.


Begin switching back and forth between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Chicago Blackhawks. Toews scores his first goal of the season (we’re nine games in). Good for him. But let’s not celebrate the fact that someone who is supposed to be a 60-point scorer only now started scoring goals. In fact, let’s continue looking at that with concern. What Toews has done this season leaves a lot to be desired.

He said after the game that he put himself in a different mode. That he was focused on defense and passing, and that he went to a different method today. Well, Johnny, guess what? We blanked the Kings. So maybe stay in this mode? Sound good? Cool. Maybe that will also get our offense up. We actually looked extremely impressive all game, which is something we haven’t done in a while. Like this is the hockey that made me fall in love with the sport and the team. Maybe stay in this mode Hawks, so that I can be happy.

Russell Westbrook continues to play like it’s him against the world. And in that battle, he’s winning. The Thunder are 3-0 because Westbrook has approached a triple-double and then hit two back to back. He’s a maniac on the court, and he’s out there winning games. Yeah, Anthony Davis is impressive. But I still worry for his health. That’s not the case with Westbrook, and he looks like he wants to continue playing this way.

Yes, the Thunder have yet to take on a prime opponent. They’ve yet to face a team as battle proven as the Spurs. And when that day comes, we’ll see what the Thunder are actually made of. But they looked extremely impressive today. Steven Adams hit 14 points. Oladipo continues to be an able partner for Westbrook. If Durant was still here this team runs the league. For now, though, we continue waiting for the Thunder to prove themselves worthy in the eyes of sportswriters everywhere.


Oh right, the World Series! The Cubs won, leaving Chicago with just one win. It’s a 3-2 series, and it will be won in Cleveland. By which team remains to be decided. The Cubs bats finally looked good, and while Chapman may not be able to go long on Tuesday, he’ll still be able to go. All the Cubs will need (hopefully) is three outs.

I have a dinner bet on the Cubs, and I’ll be honest, I had kind of given up on them heading into tonight. However, after Bryant’s reported reawakening, I’ll be interested to see if the Cubs can keep it up.

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