NFL Week 8 Recap

Jacksonville 22 vs. Tennessee 36 

The baby blanket vs. the baby puke. Adorable. The baby puke took a hit on both defense and offense, and the blanket looked like a true contender to be the worst division leader.

Washington 27 vs. Cincinnati 27

Did you know that the last time there were two ties in an NFL season the Indians lost the World Series in 7 games? Most important thing out of this game.

Arizona 20 vs. Carolina 30

No, the Panthers cannot turn around this season. However, they look a how lot better with both Jon Stewart and Cam Newton healthy. That’s good news going forward.

Detroit 13 vs. Houston 20

Matthew Stafford had a rare bad game, and Houston’s defense was just too much. Also, the Lions defense desperately needs something to change, because it is the weak spot of this team. Just absolutely horrid.

Seattle 20 vs. New Orleans 25

Two rare things happened in New Orleans. The Saints Defense had a rare good day. And Russell Wilson threw a rare interception. The Seattle Seahawks are a very beatable team this year.

Kansas City 30 vs. Indianapolis 14

Uh yep. Obviously the vastly superior Chiefs were going to beat this awful Indy team. Too bad Jamaal Charles is now likely out for the season. That could be the end of a very good career.

New York (Jets) 31 vs. Cleveland Browns 28

It’s a bad sign that the Jets nearly lost this game. It’s a bad sign Cleveland didn’t win it.

New England 41 vs. Buffalo 25

Yeah, about that Bills win earlier. Tom Brady is the premiere quarterback in the league and proved it yet again. Too bad the Patriots are on BYE now, they’re the only team worth watching weekly.

Oakland 30 vs. Tampa Bay 24

How are the Raiders 6-2? How? Credit to Jack Del Rio, who has managed to improve both sides of the football in Oakland. This could be the first Oakland playoff team in a long time.

San Diego 19 vs. Denver 27

Denver somehow won this game. I watched it and honestly can’t tell you how.

Green Bay 32 vs. Atlanta 33

Nothing like a one point victory over a bad team, eh Atlanta?

Philadelphia 23 vs. Dallas 29

Philly had a victory heading into the fourth quarter but blew it. And blew my fantasy game. Thanks a lot Philly.

Minnesota 10 vs. Chicago 20

Even the Bears exploited a weak Vikings team. Hey, um, thanks for giving them to us next NFL. We really needed a pick me up.


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