Should Dallas Trade Romo

The Dallas Cowboys are 6-1 this season. They sit firmly atop the NFC East, and look good as the top team in the NFC. Ezekial Elliott has been great. Dak Prescott finally figured out how to work with Dez Bryant. Which means the Cowboys now face a quandry.

What to do with the healthy Tony Romo. Of course, it’s always nice to have Romo as an emergency option. Scrambling quarterbacks tend to get hurt. Dak hasn’t played a full NFL season before. But right now, Romo is the highest paid backup quarterback in the National Football League.

And he’s probably not happy with that. Romo is used to starting, and is a good starter. There’s no reason he should have lost his job. But he did, and it’s unfortunate.

But let’s say Romo starts making a fuss. After all, he remains start-worthy when healthy. The only reason he lost his job was injury. And now you’re sitting him?

The Cowboys have another option besides benching Romo. Many teams in the NFL are without a true quarterback. Someone as good as Romo could bring a hefty return. So why not take it?

Yes, Jerry Jones loves Tony. He does not want to trade his starter. But Romo isn’t the starter anymore. Dak looks more and more like the future of the Dallas franchise every week. So why deny him that? Why even have a spectre of the past loom over him? Why not make both players happy?

There’s a long list of teams that could be willing to deal for Romo. That list includes teams like Cleveland, like Jacksonville, like Miami, like Chicago. San Francisco, LA, the New York Jets. The Cowboys could even get a good backup in return, somebody more suited to the job, and healthier.

It makes too much sense now for the Cowboys to trade Romo. Romo should want out of a team that has moved on. Dallas should want to move on.

I just don’t think a team is going to offer the Cowboys a big enough package for Jerry Jones to accept. And that’s a shame. A Jacksonville team with Tony Romo is a team able to compete in the AFC South, and could easily win it. Jacksonville should absolutely want Romo.


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