Debates Part II

The candidates shake hands after a rough go

So… Trump wasn’t as ridiculous as he was last time. But there’s been so much to emerge about him and he’s not surviving it. So in the end, does his losing a second debate really matter?

Because let’s be honest, he lost another one. He was better but that’s not better than Clinton. She just seems so genuinely thrilled that he’s the one against her. I want something one day to make me that happy.

Clinton’s debate prep was a bit more relaxed this time. She didn’t come out as strong, and this debate just blurred together. She was clearly better though, and she was able to actually answer questions.

Trump doesn’t answer questions, and while he talked a lot – 40 minutes – it was a lot of complaining and false statements. He was very accusatory, and while he and Pence don’t run a “insult campaign”, he was not complimentary.

The winner of the debate are the question askers – Ken Bone and Karl Becker especially. Bone asked about energy and was just very colorful in a red sweater, and Becker asked the candidates to compliment each other. Loved that.

I hated the debate though.


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