NFL Week 5 Recap

Ah yes, Week 5. The Week where we decide we know everything about a team. Where games actually begin to matter. The week we also got Tom Brady back. So.

Arizona vs. San Francisco

Calais Campbell came up big for the Arizona defense, and Larry Fitzgerald did the same for their offense. The Cardinals held back the 49ers to get a key win.

Minnesota vs. Houston

Minnesota proved that they belong in the top team discussion. Their defense came up huge, and their offense was able to take advantage of good field position. Give credit to Bradford – as long as he stays healthy, Minnesota will look good.

Indianapolis vs. Chicago

It was a battle of kickers. Neither was able to take advantage of the others’ poor defense. But TY Hilton being left wide open ended up being the differential.

Pittsburgh vs. New York (Jets) 

The Jets got beat in the secondary by Sammie Coates repeatedly. The Steelers offense just proved too much for a now-lackluster Jets D, and the Jets offense was nowhere to be seen, apart from Brandon Marshall.

Tennessee vs. Miami

The Miami D just proved incapable of stopping the Tennessee offense. The running game and Delanie Walker look particularly good.

Philadelphia vs. Detroit

The Lions won again. I forgot what that felt like. Slay came up big and made two key plays – the Mathews fumble and the interception – and finally earned his pay. I’m more concerned with the Eagles offense – the Lions D is likely bottom 5.


Cleveland vs. New England

Tom Brady’s back. And apparently, he really likes Martellus Bennett. The two connected on three touchdowns.

Washington vs. Baltimore

The Ravens offense couldn’t do anything in the second half, and Justin Tucker got closer to a touchdown than Flacco did in the half.

Denver vs. Atlanta

Paxton Lynch couldn’t get it done when it mattered, and the only points the Broncos were able to score were in garbage time. The defense didn’t crumble against the Falcons mighty offense, but they didn’t get the necessary performance from the offense.

Dallas vs. Cincinnati

The Dallas defense was able to hold the Bengals scoreless for the first three periods. Prescott and Elliott continue to be stellar for Dallas, and the future is bright. But will Prescott stay on the field when Romo returns?

San Diego vs. Oakland

San Diego continues to lose on fumbles in the fourth quarter. This time, it came when there could have been a game-tying field goal.

Los Angeles vs. Buffalo

What’s up with Jared Goff? Seriously. The Rams offense looked horrible as the defense was unable to stop the run.

New York (Giants) vs. Green Bay

Man. Eli cannot catch a break. First, his receiver is cranky, now his defense is awful. They allowed Aaron Rodgers to do his thing, and he took advantage.

Carolina vs. Tampa Bay

Carolina isn’t the same offense without Cam Newton. They’re not the same offense anyway. The whole is just not the same. Even with a lackluster performance, Tampa Bay came away with the win.


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