What I Want to Be When I Grow Up

November 15, 2016

A list of things I want not over the next four years, but well into the future. How I plan to spend my life. And yes, one of the many things I hope to be is Pat Foley. I’d like to reach a level where that’s my retirement plans.


Debates Part III: The Mess

October 20, 2016

Clinton goes in for the kill in the third debate Can I just say, to start, what a mess this debate was? I hardly remember anything either of them said, but here’s what stuck in my mind.: Trump reverted to awful debate form. Interrupting with “wrong” once again, especially when that thing could be proven. The sniffing continued. The water, the fixing of the mic stand, it was horrendous. And we…


America Needs Gun Control

September 29, 2016

Word of warning: this post is extremely political. If you would rather look at television, or movies, or sports, there will be more and there is a good selection here.